First I sculpt my master models in polymer clay or plastiline (with an exception for the life cast eggs) and such, none of my models are 3D-printed right now. I choose to work with clay because I love the process of handsculpting, I want to have full hands-on control of the sculpting process, and to ensure models that feel, and look organic.

Then I make the mold by hand, using plaster and platinum silicone. No harsh chemicals or materials are involved in the mold-making process.

I then mix and pour the silicone and the pigments by hand to cast the toys themselves.

Every part of the process is handled by me, and even though I make sure to smooth out the surfaces to get rid of those pesky fingerprints and make everything as symmetrical as possible, under close scrutiny I can never guarantee anything with a perfect industrial finish. Tiny imperfections and variations is part of the handmade quality of these toys.

Because of the nature of handmade silicone toys, sometimes there will mistakes and errors in the manufacturing process, such as large air bubbles, dents, pigment deposits, etcetera. It will be documented, and those toys will be labeled ”flops” and offered at a lower price. Such errors only affect the aesthetics of the toy, not the quality or longevity.

After the toys are de-molded, I inspect them carefully for any surface imperfections, give them a thorough wash and boil them to remove any traces of mold release before bagging them, but I don’t operate in sterile environments so I cannot guarantee that they will be 100% lint free.

I keep pets away from the bagging area, but a cat hair or two might slip by.

For your own safety and peace of mind, I recommend that you wash the toy thoroughly (instructions provided below and in the care sheet provided in your order) upon first use. 



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