Material and allergy information

I do my best to make sure all my toys aren’t only pretty to look at and pleasant to use, but as hypoallergic and safe as possible.

The molds and the casts themselves are both made from medical grade platinum-cure silicone, which is certified skin safe as per of ISO 10993-10.
The pigments and glitter used are all cosmetic grade, which means that they are safe to use around the eyes or in contact with the mouth, as per EU laws. Our glow-in-the-dark pigment is certified safe to use in baby toys for small children and infants.

The pigments and glitter particles are fully encapsulated in silicone, so they will never come in contact with your body.

HOWEVER – Keep in mind I send out the items from a pet-friendly, smoke-free home. I keep pets away from the bagging area, but a cat hair or two might slip by. Even though I clean every item thoroughly before bagging them, I recommend that you give the toys a deep clean before the first usage as per instructions provided in this FAQ, and in the care sheet provided in every order. 

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