Firmness levels

My toys are available in three firmness levels: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm.

(Extra Soft:  Shore 0020)
Shore 0030
Medium: Shore 0050
Firm: Shore A10
(Extra Firm: Shore A20)

Smooth-on has a Shore Hardness Scale here.

  • 0030 is about the same firmness as a gel insole. It is very soft and forgiving.
  • 0050 is about the same firmness as a small gummi bear.
  • A10 is about the same firmness as an erect penis, although a bit squishier and bendier.

Please keep in mind that all firmness levels might not be in stock at all times.

Soft and Extra Soft feature a mildly tacky surface, akin to slightly wet skin.
How firmness is perceived also has to do with toy size. A small toy in Medium firmness will feel softer than a large toy in the same firmness, and vice versa.

Still unsure which firmness to pick? CuriousKitt wrote an informative blog entry that might be of help to you!


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