Firmness levels

My toys are available in three firmness levels: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm.

(Extra Soft:  Shore 0020)
Shore 0030
Medium: Shore 0050
Firm: Shore A10
(Extra Firm: Shore A20)

Smooth-on has a Shore Hardness Scale here.

  • 0030 is about the same firmness as a gel insole.
  • 0050 is about the same firmness as a small gummi bear.
  • A10 is about the same firmness as an erect penis, although a bit squishier and bendier.

By default, my toys will be poured in Medium.
Please keep in mind that all firmness levels might not be in stock at all times.

Still unsure which firmness to pick? CuriousKitt wrote an informative blog entry that might be of help to you!


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