Caring for your toy

Because of it’s non-porous properties, silicone is a breeze to keep clean. Just clean your toy with some lukewarm water and soap after every use. Toy cleaner isn’t necessary.

If you want to give it a more thorough deep clean you can put it in some boiling water for 10-15 minutes, soak it in a 10% bleach solution, or pop it in the dishwasher without any detergent.

The above method(s) is recommended prior to the first usage when you first receive your toy.

However, toys used anally and especially for longer periods of time can be subject to, well, butt smell. If the thorough methods such as bleach, dishwasher or boiling doesn’t work, try airing out your toy for a couple of days and expose it to some sunlight if you can. You can also soak it in vinegar an hour or so, or make a paste out of baking soda and water to cover your toy with. After using any of these two methods, rinse and clean with regular soap and water. Repeat if necessary.
Another method involves putting it in a 100°C (212°F) oven for a couple of hours. Let the toy cool before touching it, silicone retains heat well.

Be careful not to use these toys with lubes containing silicone or with condoms using silicone lube, as it can damage the surface of your toy. I have personally only experimented with Pjur silicone lube and found that it made the surface of the toy sticky and ‘gummy’. You might get other results from other brands but I cannot recommend this. I recommend using only water-based or oil-based lube. In my experience, coconut oil will work as well, and doesn’t harm the toy.

Because the surface of silicone toys tend to be a bit of a lint magnet, I recommend that you store your toy in the storage bag provided. You can also powder them lightly with corn starch, just be sure to rinse them properly before use.

Contrary to popular belief, you can store platinum silicone toys together and they won’t melt together or become damaged if they’re touching.
Do NOT store silicone toys together with toys made out of softer plastics and non-silicone rubbers (such as jelly, PVC, or vinyl) as they might become misshapen, discolored, sticky, etc.

Properly stored and cleaned, your toy will last you many years!


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