With more girth than length, the Keeper features a humanoid glans with a tapered head, perfect for A-spot stimulation.
There are some remains of foreskin wrapped around the coronal ridge, and a frenulum on the back connecting the glans to the shaft. The shapes are inspired by popular equine and canine features, such as a thick median ring followed by the swell of a veiny faux knot at the base. The shaft protrudes from a visible sheath, and the large balls are generously textured with fur.

Total length is 21 cm/8.2 in, insertable length is 16 cm/6.3 in. 
Widest circumference is 17 cm/6.9 in and head circumference is 13 cm/5.1 in.

Should you find yourself unlucky (or lucky) enough to find yourself lost in the deep thickets of the great northern forests, don’t be alarmed.
If you tread carefully, there are benevolent forces who will make sure that you make it back unharmed, and perhaps even in a more blissful state than before…

The deeper you venture trying to find your way home, the feeling of being watched grows stronger. You don’t know if it’s the eyes of shy deer and hares between the branches, the ravens circling above the treetops, or something else entirely.

You’ll know you’re being watched by a Keeper if you feel a sense of ease and security instead of eerie suspicion.

Keepers are usually matriarchs, but sometimes they’ll appear as patriarchs. They’re usually revered as local nature and fertility deities, and some people will still leave gifts and offerings out for them even though it’s usually scoffed at as superstition. If you ask the family members of the logging workers who’ve disappeared under mysterious circumstances with only their equipment remaining, chainsaws and tractors covered in thick evergreen vines, tendrils and roots, they’ll tell you that they’re just as real as the trees themselves.

Unless you disturb and destroy the woods, Keepers are benevolent, although they can be capricious and greedy during rutting season, wanting new company to fulfill their lewd whims. They have a taste for human mates, and sometimes it can take decades before they come across another lone hiker. Be careful, because their appetite can be ravenous after such long abstinence and they can mate with you quite roughly.

Standing slightly taller and more muscular than an average human, they have the hooves, tail, ears and antlers of a great elk, but the upper body and the face of a human. They can shapeshift into their elk counterparts, and some of them are white like ghouls. That’s usually how lost humans will come across them, as large elks with a peculiar kind and calm energy who seem to beckon them through the trees and back onto hidden animal trails that’ll take them back to civilization.

Should the Keeper see traits in you that they like and find you a worthy mate, they’ll appear in their half-human, half-beast form. Their touch will feel absolutely rapturous, and the scent of their musk will be irresistible.

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t still be cautious, because if you take the sweet-tasting seed of a patriarch Keeper in your body or vice versa, you’ll belong to them forever. Even if you make it home, the next morning you’ll find yourself waking up in the forest with cloven hooves and budding antlers, unable to leave.

You’ll be at his command, helping him to survey and tend to the land and the animals together with the other fauns and nymphs. But you’ll always be able feel the Keeper’s intoxicating touch and his thick cock filling you to the brim with seed, so perhaps that is the choice you’ll make…