Mystery Ouroboros C-Ring

50.00 kr

Mystery Ouroboros C-Ring

50.00 kr

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Used as a symbol for death and rebirth in mythology worldwide, our depiction of Ouroboros is a miniature limbless dragon swallowing it’s own tail.
The Ouroboros is made out of the same body-safe silicone as our insertables. Soft and super-stretchy, snug where you need it to be. Wear around the shaft, or around the whole package.

Compared to the Wreath, the Ouroboros features a less bulky profile and a slightly looser fit.

For only half the price of the regular Ouroboros, you can now get them in assorted mystery colors! Each are different, and there are no two similar ones. They might be glow-in-the-dark or UV reactive too!
Please note that you CANNOT wish for a particular color, and they will come completely random.

Internal diameter is 2.5 cm/1 in, internal circumference is 9 cm/3.5 in.
Outer diameter is 4.9 cm/1.9 in, outer circumference is 17 cm/6.6 in.
Ring thickness is approximately 1-1.3 cm/0.4-0.6 in.

  • Firmness level: Firm

For more information, check the gallery.

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these items, small surface variations, imperfections and slight asymmetry may occur. Please note that these particular items are more prone to small bubbles and other minor surface flaws than the regular priced ones, hence the steep discount. Colors may not be 100% accurately represented on every screen.

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Weight49 g

Pewter, Carnelian Red


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