“In the storytelling tradition of folklore tales, the themes of erotic nature spirits often represented a seductive, unbridled and bewitching sexuality. Nature became “The Other”, a dark mirror-image to the cultural order”

Twilight Meadow Creations is a one-person project run by a queer artist

My name is B and I’ve always been passionate about creating. I’ve worked with many different mediums over the years – from printmaking to photography to textile work. 

For almost ten years, gay erotic artwork and illustration has been my main med

I wanted to find a way to combine my love of erotica and human sexuality, my interest in fantasy and mythology, and my innate passion for art, all while creating tangible pieces and explore my interest in sculpting and casting.
Thus, Twilight Meadow Creations was born.

I strive to make toys that aren’t only interesting, detailed and pretty to look at, but also completely hypoallergenic, body-safe and easy to sterilize.

Unless otherwise noted, all content you see here (including artwork and written material) is created by B, the artist.

Every piece you see here is completely unique. They are lovingly handcrafted and inspected before being sent to you, ensuring only the best quality and toys that will last you a lifetime. 

We are seated in the woods of Scandinavia

Swedish design has always been associated with functionality and good quality, and that is what I hope to bring into your bedroom.

You will not see any Scandinavian minimalism here, but organic shapes and bold colors inspired by nordic mythology, fantasy and folklore.